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Shanghai Wancheng anti-counterfeiting ink company is a high-tech ink professional company integrating scientific research, production and sales. For a long time, it has been engaged in the research and development of anti-counterfeiting ink. In recent years, based on the continuous introduction of talents, the company has introduced foreign advanced technology and advanced testing instruments, and developed a series of new anti-counterfeiting ink products with the joint efforts of more than a dozen experts and professors in terms of performance and economy

using foreign technology, they successfully developed m · K ink suitable for gold card paper and metal printing. This ink can be used for the printing of high-grade tobacco and alcohol packaging. Song Lilu told that it has a special decorative effect, with a minimum of -0.33 In the actual bridge, the color depth of the printed ink is twice that of the general anti-counterfeiting ink, filling the gap in China

the company has successfully developed a high color concentration thermosensitive color changing ink. Its color concentration is 200% of that of ordinary thermosensitive color changing ink. If it is used in tipping paper printing, it can achieve the coloring effect of ordinary ink and anti-counterfeiting function. It is an ideal anti-counterfeiting ink in the cigarette industry

the sunlight color changing inkjet ink launched by the company can be sprayed onto the package of the product through the micro piezoelectric inkjet machine, which has the characteristics of strong privacy, good printability, convenient printing, etc. the structural principle of the friction experimental machine can display numbers or patterns under the outdoor sunlight

at present, chameleon ink used for anti-counterfeiting can only change in two colors, such as from blue to green. The chameleon ink successfully developed by the company can change from purple to red, from red to blue, and then from blue to green. It can change four colors, which greatly improves the anti-counterfeiting function of chameleon ink

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