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What are the three chaos in the wallpaper industry

the wallpaper industry is currently in a period of rapid development, and the products have been significantly improved in terms of environmental protection, quality and service life, but the lack of service system has become an obstacle to the development of the whole industry. There are many chaos in the market, including disordered management, disordered products, disordered prices, disordered services, and lagging industry related standards

the three major chaos standards of wallpaper are lack of price transparency

recently, China's wallpaper industry giant announced the implementation of unified price, unified service and unified guarantee. In recent years, with the continuous progress of some excellent domestic manufacturers in production equipment and production technology, and a large number of international first-line brand products entering the domestic market, wallpaper products in the Chinese market have made considerable progress in terms of product quality, environmental protection performance and service life, but the service management of wallpaper Enterprises has become an obstacle to the further development of this industry, and the service system is lack of standards, It is urgent to regulate

when the quality of products is no longer the main bottleneck hindering the development of the industry, the business integrity and service guarantee of enterprises have become the core of further development. Disorderly product pricing and uneven after-sales service quality are the current bad situation of China's wallpaper industry, and also the key problems to be solved urgently. The price difference of similar products in different stores ranges from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan, and the construction and after-sales guarantee of wallpaper cannot be guaranteed. These problems have increased the purchase concerns of consumers

Wallpapers now three chaos wallpapers in the end where is it

the double misunderstanding between high-end and low-end wallpaper urgently needs to be transparent.

Chinese wallpaper, which started with low-end wallpaper more than a decade ago, almost destroyed the entire wallpaper industry. The design and material were unsatisfactory, and the workmanship without environmental protection almost made the entire industry face extinction. In that era, wallpapers on many occasions we saw always had problems with the latest No. 046 document issued by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, such as curling, untidy flowers, rough manufacturing and so on, which is also one of the reasons why consumers now have psychological misunderstandings about wallpapers

on the other hand, according to Xu Gang, general management office of wallpaper branch of China Association of building decoration materials, shortly after the founding of new China, wallpapers only appeared in high-end public places, such as some high-end restaurants, embassies and foreign-related restaurants. Consumers subconsciously believed that only wallpapers that really appeared in these high-end social occasions were high-quality wallpapers, And the price positioning of these wallpapers is certainly not affordable for ordinary people

the problem of excess does exist, because the wallpaper industry is now considered by the industry to be the industry in which the whole home decoration building materials can take the last share. Relatively speaking, the transparency of the whole industry is not as high as that of other industries, so everyone wants to come in and try water. A large amount of capital inflow makes the current market appear in a state of oversupply

three factors tell you, what is the value of wallpaper

according to the initial investment cost of CRU Research (taking the purchase of wallpaper of 50 yuan/square meter as an example), the cost of wallpaper is yuan/square meter higher than that of purchasing medium-grade latex paint on average (it needs to be judged according to the wall condition of the decorated household). However, considering their respective service life, the average annual investment of wallpaper is not higher than that of latex paint. Emulsion paint has an oxidation cycle, that is to say, the color of the paint will be greatly reduced after 3 years of use. The service life of wallpaper is usually maintained in years. After dividing the investment per square meter by their respective service life, we will find that the average annual cost of wallpaper is inversely lower than that of emulsion paint by yuan/square meter

there is a noun in the wallpaper industry: half product, half pavement. A good wallpaper company has a professional paving team, which has strict requirements on wall detection, flower matching, wall corner treatment (specific to the problems of external and internal corners), process control, material saving, quality of construction personnel, etc. a good brand will also have its own professional training system to understand its own products and have the ability of independent research and development. In the early stage of the development of these experimental machines, Are included in the added value of wallpaper. As for the construction cost of follow-up services, from a horizontal perspective, the labor cost abroad is high, while the domestic cost is relatively low, so there is no problem of high labor cost charges

experts teach you to choose wallpapers to reduce pollution

colorful patterns, magnificent colors, and rich and colorful decorative effects make Wallpapers more and more popular with fashionable household people. However, how to choose wallpaper? Experts believe that the choice of wallpaper, not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also consider its safety performance

at present, the substrates used for wallpaper in the market mainly include velvet fiber, PVC, pure paper, paper base, non-woven fabric, sand, silk, fluorescence, etc. Experts suggest that in order to prevent buying wallpapers with excessive harmful substances, you should smell and see them when buying Wallpapers: first, smell the wallpapers with your nose; Secondly, ask the merchants to see the wallpaper quality inspection report. Consumers can choose E0 or E1. At the same time, consumers had better buy more famous brands

according to experts, replacing deformation with displacement once failed to meet the experimental requirements. The main reasons for the pollution of wallpaper are: first, volatile organic compounds released by the wallpaper itself, such as toluene, formaldehyde, etc; 2、 The pollution caused by the adhesive used in the process of wallpaper posting. Adhesives will volatilize a large amount of formaldehyde, which is currently recognized as a carcinogen in the world. Li Yunhua, a home designer, said that choosing wallpaper selectively on the wall can beautify the room

there are various problems in the wallpaper industry, which makes consumers stay away from wallpaper psychologically for a period of time. From the rise of the wallpaper industry in recent years, we need to look at this emerging industry with a new perspective. Now the wallpaper industry is still in its infancy. The promotion and communication of consumers and the improvement of the past image of the wallpaper industry in the hearts of consumers are important issues that the wallpaper industry needs to solve

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