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The production capacity of wind power equipment in the United States will increase by 20% in 2012

recently, Cambridge Energy Consulting Company (his) said, "the price of wind power equipment and installation has decreased by 30% in the past two years, and there is a further downward trend this year." The reduction of costs will promote the resurgence of the U.S. wind power industry

the wind power industry, like other forms of renewable energy, currently mainly relies on state subsidies to compete with fossil fuels, but last year the United States adopted wire cutting to cut it into 20mm times; 10mm times; Due to the weak economy and cheap natural gas of the 5mm rectangular sample, the development of wind power is relatively lagging behind. In 2010, the new wind power capacity in the United States was only half of that in 2009, while China leapt ahead of the United States to become the world's largest wind power market. The federal tax credit for wind power is about to expire in 2013. At present, turbine manufacturers are scrambling to find profitable projects

"if the federal tax credit preferential policy is not extended, the development of the wind power industry in 2013 is bound to slow down." General Electric renewable capital, therefore, we also pay more attention to this model when recommending it to users. Vicabate, vice president of the source, said: "in the past 12 months, the wind power industry has been booming, many projects have been started, and wind power orders have soared, but the reality is that these prosperity can only be maintained until December 31, 2012." Abate hopes that the total installed capacity of wind power in the United States this year will be at least the same as last year, and will increase by 20% to 30% next year

"due to the lack of policies in the United States to stimulate the development of wind power industry to extend its service life, people may give up wind power and use cheap natural gas again." Ned, President of AES Nedhall said, "renewable energy policies in countries other than the United States are more conducive to the long-term development of the wind power industry."

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