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Midea refrigeration appliance call center will expand its seating capacity to 1300

summer is quietly coming, and the peak sales season of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines in household appliances is also coming. Under the background of increasingly fierce market competition, the service competition consciousness of enterprises also reflects the attention of enterprises to the interests of consumers to some extent. A few days ago, we learned from Midea that in order to meet the peak season with "full satisfaction" service, the call center of Midea refrigeration and home appliance group China business headquarters will be expanded. At that time, the peak service staff in the peak season will reach 1300, and the daily traffic processing capacity will be more than 110000

hold the peak season service mobilization meeting

the relevant person in charge of after-sales of Midea China Business Division said that according to the company's strategic development requirements and the demand for rapid business growth, so far, the call center of Midea China Business Division has completed the seat expansion in 2011 according to the peak forecast of the peak season and the growth of business volume. At that time, the peak of peak season will reach 1300 people, and the daily traffic processing capacity will be more than 110000

in addition, Midea has successively held peak season service mobilization meetings in 60 cities across the country. The Yulian group has achieved international cooperation with the Russian vimetco group, with a total scale of more than 20000 people. The three categories of air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines also create a "full satisfaction" project for consumers, that is, to continuously improve the service quality of Midea's air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines from the two aspects of user product satisfaction and service satisfaction, Let more and more consumers enjoy the high-quality after-sales service experience of Meimei, and promote the improvement of the service standards of the whole industry

form a perfect service system

it is understood that Midea has formed a perfect service system to continuously improve the user experience in terms of service quality, so as to achieve "the most perfect point, the most professional engineer, the most timely response, the most comprehensive return visit, the most sound mechanism, the most thorough commitment, wear resistance, high intensity, recyclable, and the most enthusiastic attitude towards green building". At present, Midea's air conditioning, refrigerator and washing machine service system has 10000, 5500 and 5300 professional service points across the country, covering all cities above the county level and some towns and townships in the country; With a total of nearly 150000 professional service teams, relying on strong technical support and training mechanisms, it ensures the efficient operation of after-sales services for Midea air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other products; Open 24-hour after-sales service nationwide to ensure that consumers can get in touch with manufacturers in time; 100% of customers pay a return visit, invite users to participate in the system of supervising the service process, and further improve customer service level and customer satisfaction

insiders said that at present, China has become a large country in home appliance manufacturing and consumption, and the after-sales service of home appliances has experienced rapid changes from scratch, from chaos to perfection, from serving sales to becoming the key to market competition. Driven by Midea and other brands, the home appliance market has entered the era of service competition as a whole, especially for the upcoming summer, the competition in air conditioning sales will focus on service competition. Information times

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