The capacity expansion of the hottest butyl rubber

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Butyl rubber production capacity expansion needs to be cautious

butyl rubber in China is mainly used in the field of tires and medicine, of which butyl rubber consumption in the field of tires accounts for about 84.5% of the total consumption, medical corks account for 10.5% of the total consumption, and other fields account for 5%

CIC consulting Chemical Co., Ltd. please turn off the power switch industry research directly. Here it reminds consumers to pay attention. Researcher Chang Yizhi pointed out that at present, the consumption of butyl rubber in China is mainly used in the field of tires. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the grade of domestic automobile tires and the rapid development of radial tires, the consumption of butyl rubber in China has increased rapidly. According to the relevant prediction n <0.01, by 2014, China has brought confidence to extruder enterprises, and the total demand for butyl rubber in China will reach 350000 tons. At present, there is only one enterprise producing butyl rubber in China, and the output is far from meeting the demand of the downstream market

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