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2011 pure benzene Market: capacity demand and export increased synchronously

after nearly a year of shock adjustment, the pure benzene industry will be driven by capacity improvement, demand expansion, export growth and other positive aspects in 2011, which is expected to enter the fast track of synchronous growth of production, marketing and export, and make a warm transition in the "Post Crisis Era". It is expected that in 2011, the pure benzene industry will realize a rapid transformation from a major importer to a major producer and exporter, and the market operation platform is expected to rise steadily as a whole, further consolidate the status of a major country in the international market and improve the international voice

after washing dishes and stepping into the recovery channel

the domestic pure benzene market experienced in 2009, so we need to master the correct online method after tightening the upper and lower jaws of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. in order to prevent such a situation from causing a sharp unilateral rise, from 30004 yuan at the beginning of the year (ton price, the same below) to about 8300 yuan at the end of the year, an increase of more than 176%. In 2010, as the market rose too much and there was no amount of cooperation, it began to shake and wash the dishes sharply for nearly half a year. Especially in the second quarter of last year, the price of pure benzene fell rapidly from 8000 yuan to 5600 yuan, a decrease of 30%, and the washing process of volume reduction finishing was completed

from the second half of 2010, the market began to recover gradually, and the quantity and ability matched, and the market continued to rise, from 5600 yuan to 7600 yuan in November, an increase of more than 35%. Basically, it established the overall development trend for the better, and laid a solid foundation for the steady and good in 2011. Although there was a small fluctuation pattern in the market at the end of the year, the market volume and price lock-in was relatively tight, and the raw material market was strong, there would not be too much weakening market, but normal technical consolidation. On the contrary, this move is more conducive to the development of the whole industry in the direction of social specialization and cooperation in 2011, and the market is well grounded. So far, the adjustment of the market in 2010 has been basically completed

macro policies provide basic support

the central economic work conference, which ended on December 12, 2010, focused on putting the overall level of price stability in a more prominent position in 2011 and effectively enhancing the coordination, sustainability and endogenous driving force of economic development. This has determined the main tone of the development of the chemical industry, that is, the mainstream trend of stable growth, prevention of large shocks and moderate recovery. As an important basic chemical raw material, the general direction of pure benzene will also operate under the guidance of macroeconomic policies. Steady growth and recovery will be the theme of the whole year

with the continuous recovery of the international resource product market, the international crude oil and pure benzene market continues to heat up. By late December 2010, international crude oil rose to $90/barrel, and pure benzene also exceeded $1000/ton. Due to the tight resources of pure benzene in Asia, the further rise of the market cannot be ruled out. The domestic market has also maintained high cost operation due to various resource products. For example, during the year-end adjustment of many downstream products of pure benzene, the upstream crude benzene has always maintained a high and stable market. Under the background of continuous high-level operation of basic raw materials at home and abroad, this situation is expected to continue in 2011, which also forms a strong support for the medium and long-term market of pure benzene

changes in production and demand accelerate the recovery of the market

according to incomplete statistics, the domestic production capacity of petroleum benzene in 2010 has exceeded 6.5 million tons, and the production capacity of coking benzene and hydrogenated benzene has also exceeded 2 million tons, with a total capacity of more than 8.5 million tons. Among them, the output of petroleum benzene was about 5.3 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 15%; The output of coking benzene and hydrogenated benzene was about 1.3 million tons, with a year-on-year decrease. The total output of domestic pure benzene series exceeded 6.6 million tons. It is understood that the production capacity of pure benzene will not increase much in 2011 and will remain relatively stable, while the domestic production will continue to grow due to the gradual recovery of the market

with the rapid expansion of downstream varieties of pure benzene, such as styrene, aniline, phenol and other projects planned to be completed and put into operation in 2011, the actual demand for pure benzene is nearly one million tons, which will certainly drive the rapid growth of pure benzene demand. Among them, in 2011, a number of domestic coking benzene downstream products, such as benzene chloride, maleic anhydride, 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene, dichlorobenzene, etc., will also be completed and put into operation. At that time, the demand for coking benzene will be greatly increased, and the growth of pure benzene will enter the fast lane

according to incomplete statistics, the total domestic imports of pure benzene in 2010 were about 200000 tons, a sharp decrease of 68% year-on-year; Exports were about 120000 tons, a year-on-year decrease of 57%. Last year, the import and export volume decreased synchronously, and the import volume shrank significantly, indicating that pure benzene has gradually changed from a large importer to self-sufficiency. With the increase of international costs, the processing advantages of domestic pure benzene are gradually emerging. It is expected that the export of pure benzene will continue to increase in 2011, and the situation of more imports and less exports is expected to change, and the voice of the pure benzene industry in the international market will also be improved

cost driven market is stable and improving

due to the improvement of the overall economic level, the processing costs of various domestic chemical products are increasing. In 2011, crude benzene, as the basic raw material of pure benzene, is expected to continue its high-cost operation, forming a positive driving factor for the pure benzene market. This is also one of the main reasons why most downstream products of pure benzene have fallen continuously recently, and the callback of crude benzene market is limited, but it can maintain a relatively high level

on the other hand, with the growth of domestic coking benzene, hydrogenated benzene and refined benzene production capacity, its influence on the market is also increasing. For example, hydrogenated benzene will flow into aniline, styrene and other enterprises in large quantities when the price of petroleum benzene rises sharply, which has a restraining effect on the petroleum benzene market. However, in the short term, these related products will still maintain a state of low profits and high costs, forming a mutually restrictive market operation pattern

in addition, due to the state's strict investigation of over limit and overload, the continuous rise in the price of gasoline and diesel, the continuous increase in the cost of automobile transportation, and the increase in the cost of enterprises without train or shipping, which will have a certain impact on the coking benzene or hydrogenated benzene market. However, since most domestic petroleum benzene users use trains or ships, automobile transportation will not have much impact

various factors affecting the cost of pure benzene will be the basic factors determining the overall trend of the pure benzene Market in 2011, and will be transmitted to the downstream of the whole industrial chain. If the demand can maintain continuous and steady growth, and the high cost factors can be transmitted in place, it is expected that this high-cost operation pattern of raw materials will be more conducive to the overall stability of the market this year, and the medium and long-term stable and positive trend of the domestic pure benzene market is expected to continue

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